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Interview with Sherrie Rice Smith, author of EFT for Christians Devotional: Tapping Into God’s Peace and Joy

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About the book:

EFT for Christians Devotional: Tapping Into God’s Peace and Joy

These 52 EFT Tapping Devotions are meant to be read, and practiced, one each week, throughout the week. Included at the end of each devotion are four areas, “Thought,” “Action,” “Prayer,” and “Further Meditation” for putting the lesson from each devotion into practice.

Meditate on the Scriptures cited. Cogitate on the thoughts presented and practice the tapping skills suggested. And all these things while tapping! There is enough variations in devotional styles, personal stories, private thoughts, physiological lessons, and Scriptural instructions, to keep you busy for an entire year. Finish this book in 52 weeks, and then turn around and do them again. By this time next year, through the Holy Spirit’s work in you and the tapping you do, you will most likely be a better version of yourself in Christ than you are today!

About the author:

Sherrie Rice Smith, R.N. (Retired)

Sherrie has more than four decades in nursing, which includes work in medical-surgical, home health, and hospice care. Sherrie has an intense interest in all things related to biology, physiology, psychology, and quantum mechanics. These interests allow for an understanding of the efficaciousness of Emotional Freedom Techniques. Her personal experience with EFT is based on her own life story, giving her an even greater appreciation of how well EFT can bring both physical and emotional healing when coupled with prayer and the knowledge that Jesus heals.

Sherrie holds two EFT certifications, mentors Christian EFT Practitioners and students, and teaches certification classes, levels 1 and 2, for EFTUniverse. She is also the author of EFT for Christians, originally published in 2015.

Sherrie and her husband, Brad, reside in Milwaukee and travel extensively throughout the United States.

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