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About the Book:

ATN-3D-340x340All Things New: A Former Lesbian’s Lifelong Search For Love
For men and women who experience same sex attraction. The true love we desperately search for all of our lives is not found in a man or woman it can only be fulfilled by the one who created the void in our hearts in the first place. The void that we feel was designed to draw us closer to God. Jesus Christ satisfies the hunger in our hearts for pure love. After that void is filled, we can then love men and women with the love of Christ. The pages of this book chronicle the experiences of a woman who walked this journey and shares with you her struggles with complete transparency to encourage you to find true love. For Ministry Leaders Who Want to Do the Right Thing How should you respond to a person who walks through the doors of your church or your ministry, who is outwardly living their life contrary to your convictions and beliefs? This book will shock you and open your eyes to a better way to respond that will ultimately bring healing for them and encouragement for you. For People with Loved Ones Who Experience Same Sex Attraction Unconditional love is the right way to respond to a family member or friend who is experiencing same sex attraction. Judgment and condemnation provide no place for healing, but unconditional love is a soothing balm that heals. This book will show you a better way to love your loved ones who experience homosexuality.

About the author:

Debora-BarrDebora was a self-proclaimed atheist, fully entrenched in her homosexual life and gay community when God began to work on her heart in late 1994. Nine years later, in November, 2003, she surrendered her life to Jesus Christ and began to read the Bible every day because she wanted to know more about the God who had drawn her back to Himself. Through His Word – God revealed the truth about how He wanted her to live her life, and in January 2006, she turned away from 18 years of living as a lesbian. She experienced inner healing from the wounds that propelled her into lesbianism with the support of a group of loving women at her church who invested in her life and loved her unconditionally. She now facilitates a Bible Study at her church to help women who struggle with unwanted Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) to understand the causes and healing of SSA by searching the Word of God.

Debora is the co-author (with James E. Phelan) of practical exercises for women in recovery of same sex attraction. She has a passion for teaching, speaking, and writing about SSA to better equip churches to make those who experience SSA feel welcome so they too can experience the unconditional love and healing of Jesus Christ. She Loves the Lord with all her heart and desires to help people completely transform their lives through their personal relationship with Jesus.



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