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Interview with Trudy Colflesh, author of Deliverance For The Wounded Soul: SoulCry book 9. Click the PLAY icon on the player below to listen to the interview!


About the Book:

Deliverance For The Wounded Soul: SoulCry book 9

An emotional voice regarding Denial, Guilt, Shame, Lost Identity, Lost Time, Reputation, Dissociation, Programming, Comfort, Safety, Original Self

An intimate expression of the deep longings and cries of the soul (and response from a God who hears and cares)

Help me! Help me my soul cries out! Does anyone hear, does anyone care? “Yes” speaks a sure voice from above. “I hear you, I am with you. You are not alone.” The poems in this book cry the pain of our heart. As you read, you will find your own voice in them. In response, you will hear the comforting help and wisdom of a God who cares. (click here to sample this book)

“The poems are beautiful. They speak straight to the cry of my soul. Wonderful!”  – Emmy

“The Soulcry poems give words to the deep traumas of sorrow and pain within my wounded self where I had no voice.” Marilyn “When I read the Soulcry poems I realized I was not alone. Someone knew how deeply I hurt and the comfort I felt was like fire being quenched in cool refreshing water on a sunny day.” – Cherl

“I cried over the beauty, hope, and tenderness of the poem’s expression.” Harriett “The poems loosen the hard soil of buried pain. I have found relief, comfort, encouragement and a safe place to let my heart feel again.” – Brenda

Trudy Colflesh

Trudy Colflesh

About the author:

Trudy Colflesh is a Christian professional Counselor with over 25 years in the healing ministry. Listening to the wounded souls of her clients, as well as her own journey over the years, has given Trudy a unique expression of feelings, coming from the depths of the human soul. She includes thoughts to journal and writes the comforting voice of a God who cares and leads us into hope and healing.

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