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… And How it Can Find it Again

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HCLW SmallAbout the Book:

The Western Church suffers from a terrible pagan virus that, after first attacking the roots of our great faith has worked its way through every facet of Christian life. The name of the virus that has plagued the Church for nearly all of its history? Greek thinking! The Hebrew roots of our faith have been trampled, nearly to death, by Greek philosophy and pagan thought. The Church today is an almost unrecognizable deviation from the early Church recorded in Acts. Even the word “Church” has pagan roots! We are the “Ekklesia”, the Body of Yeshua. It’s time to return to a Hebrew understanding of our faith and His Word.



About the author:

It’s my privilege to introduce you to the wonderful writing and teaching of Steve Maltz. Steve is a Jewish believer in Yeshua and a prolific writer and Messianic thinker.  Steve lives, works and ministers in the United Kingdom and occasionally travels to Israel and the US on speaking tours.


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