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 Losing AJ

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About the Book:

Some of the best stories to read are those that were not pleasant to experience. Stories with questions, with uncertainty, with pain, with grief. Stories that are so true that they remind us of our own storms. Stories of wounds and questions. Stories of real life. This is one of those narratives. Losing AJ is a book that reveals the story of an honest journey. And, while revealing, the pages invite us to notice our own stories, our own tension, our own pain.

To be able to present such a drama, Adam needed to face the realities of his own disappointments. He has. And he has faced them without escaping or denying; he has faced them while crying, while praying, while wanting, while grieving. He has faced them with God. His story lets us gaze into his pain. While observing, we just might begin noticing our own. And we might begin noticing God in a new way.



AdamShinnProfilePicture-CircleAbout the author:

Adam and his wife, Susanna, have been married 14 years and have three children:  Nevada (12), Dakota (9), and Montana (1). Almost two years after they were married, Adam and Susanna experienced the death of their first-born son, Steven Adam Shinn, Junior (A.J.). In the decade plus since the loss of A.J., Adam has worked with countless number as students and adults that have gone through traumatic events. His life’s mission is to let hurting people know that their current battle will not be the death of them.

Adam serves as the Student Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Athens, Georgia and has served in this capacity since August of 2012.  He graduated from Southeastern University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Youth & Student Ministry.

Adam is a very creative student pastor, who has served students for 15 years in Florida, Kansas, and Georgia.  He loves students and is passionate about them becoming lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.

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