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About the Book:

Signs From HeavenThe stars have a story to tell. It’s not from some mystic quality that they possess or their presumed influence on men’s lives. It is because God pre-programmed their positions and orbits to coincide with future events. He did all this before He even had created man. Everything was known to Him beforehand. Now that we have been able to mathematically describe the planets’ orbits and patterns, we can unlock their secrets. We can look backward and forward in time and find their exact positions. By comparing historical events with what the stars said in the past we can de-code their messages. And by comparing the future positions of the luminaries with Biblical prophecies we can determine when these events will take place! The stars have the answers to questions that have seemed impossible to be solved. When was the exact date of the Messiah’s birth? When was Y’shua’s crucifixion? When will the man of sin be revealed? When will Israel enter into a seven-year peace treaty with him? Is there a rapture? When will the final 1260 days begin and when will they end? The stars have the answers to all these questions and more. When you learn the language of the stars and the reason that God designed them, you will know the future. The stars are displaying the events like a majestic theatrical production. Just don’t wait too long, the show is already in progress! Includes 20 page color photographs of the heavens insert.


About the author:

20-David FordWith a keen interest in science and a passion for seeking God and His Presence, David brings these two concepts together in Signs From Heaven, a refreshing look at the proof for supernatural intelligence behind stellar phenomena throughout history, and most importantly, the implications showing God s involvement with the signs that we are currently experiencing. In this book, David uses his gift for teaching and simplifying complex subjects to reveal the astounding connection between God s signs and His Appointed Times.





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