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Interview with Vicki Brawner, author of The Gift: You Don’t Have to Figure it All Out

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About the Book:

The Gift: You Don't Have to Figure it All Out

The Gift: You Don’t Have to Figure it All Out

The Gift: You don’t have to figure it all out

The work Jesus did on the cross for us, the finished work, did not just pay for our sins and give us eternal life. It really is oh, so much more. It is the incredible gift He has given us—His life in exchange for ours, that we might walk in freedom!

But we find ourselves saying to God, “Just tell me what I’m supposed to do, and I will do it.” This is backward thinking. We must first believe that what HE says about us is true and trust Him. Out of that trust, we must take the first step. He will provide the steps that follow. It is not ours to “figure it all out.”


About the author:

Vicki Brawner is a wife, a mother of five, a singer/songwriter, an ordained minister and co-founder and director of You Are Worthy Ministries.  She has served as a missionary in Costa Rica, as a short-term mission trip leader to more than 30 countries, and as a youth leader for her church. Her journey includes the heartbreak of divorce, the struggles of single motherhood, the joy of remarriage, and the assurance of living in a real, daily relationship with God. She is filled with compassion for those struggling to see themselves as Jesus sees them and gently invites them into the journey of discovery and acceptance of their true identity.





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